purposes of using sales funnel management system

Purposes and Tasks

The main purpose of the funnel management system is to stimulate users to desired actions: buying given set of goods, enrolling to a certain course, signing up for an event etc.

These tasks must be solved under the project:

  • To increase the efficiency of work with existing customers: average check, purchase frequency, average order margin
  • To identify effective ways to attract new customers
  • To define and implement quantitative metrics of the effectiveness of interaction with potential and old clients

Solution method

Specify desired user actions

Creating a definition of the usefulness of each user action. Not all actions are equally valuable!

Identifying user groups

doing the most valuable actions

Content personalization

to appeal to the most valuable user groups based on marketing hypotheses

Users feedback measuring

processing user interations analytics and detecting content personalization impact

continuously improving sales funnel management solution loop

Continuously improving solution

Repeating the solution method allows to launch the manageable user interaction cycle

  • formulating a marketing hypothesis
  • empirically verifying the supposition
  • content development and hypotheses improvement

Advantages and opportunities

Sales funnel management system allows to get competiteve advantages:

  • To understand precisely each customer's aspirations, pains and interests
  • To segmentate users clearly and trustworthy
  • To verify empirically marketing supposition
  • To lay the stable foundation for the further 'machine learning' projects
  • To evolve from empiricial to the analythical method of the marketing hypotheses verification
advantages and opportunities of sales funnel management system